Who We Are

Our Background

Lake Victoria North Water Works Development Agency (LVNWWDA) is one of the nine Water Works Development Agencies established under the Water Act 2016, Legal Notice No. 28 of 26th April, 2019 amended with variations and modifications made through Legal Notice No. 5 of 4th February, 2020, as part of the reforms which sought to improve governance and service provision in the Water Sector.

Our Mandate

The Mandate of the agency is to undertake the development, maintenance and management of the public water works within its areas of jurisdiction which comprises six (6) counties of Bungoma, Kakamega, Vihiga, Busia, Trans-Nzoia and Nandi.

Mission & Vision


“To develop, maintain and manage infrastructure for sustainable Waterand Sanitation Services in the Agency’s area of jurisdiction.”


‘’Universal Access to quality Water and Sanitation’’



Our Values

Lake Victoria North Water Works Development Agency is guided by the following set of fundamental values that shape its culture as it seeks to achieve leadership in quality service delivery:

  • Integrity: We shall endeavor to operate above board in all our operations.
  • Quality Services:  The Agency shall be creative and innovative in the provision of services to meet the expectations of customers.
  • Governance:  We shall conduct our affairs in a transparent and accountable manner; and seek stakeholder participation in the decision making process.
  • Team Work: We shall be committed to creating an atmosphere of collaboration, cooperation and mutual support with all stakeholders to strengthen our ability to achieve the Agency’s mandate.
  • Environmental Protection:  The Agency shall remain a committed advocate of sustainable environment in all its dealings.
Objectives & Strategies

Objectives and Strategies

Strengthen Institutional Capacity through:

(a)Empowering staff

(b)Introducing Information communication Technology (ICT)

(c)Instituting good governance practices:

(d)Improving Team working in Board and across Board area

Improve Institutional Sustainability.

(a)Increasing revenue collection:

(b)Improving Financial management and systems:

(c)Reducing UFW/NRW:

Improve Service Coverage through:

(a)Effecting Asset Transfer:

(b)Increasing Sanitation coverage:

(c)Seeking for funds for Peri-urban and Rural Projects:

(d)Improving Service Delivery

(e)Improving Water and Sewage Effluent Quality:

Strengthen Institutional Partnerships through:

(a) Strengthening partnerships and reduce project ownership conflict:

(b) Harmonizing Development Plans:

Strengthen Institutional Image through:

(a)Improving Stakeholders Communications:

(b)Developing and implement a CSR Policy:

(c) Improving Customer relations:

Mainstream Cross – cutting Issues through:

(a) Instituting dialogue on Bill of Rights;

(b) Implementing  Gender,  HIV/AIDS, and Disability  policies:

(c) Implementing MDGs and Vision 2030 policies:

(d) Reducing impact of Environmental degradation:

Lake Victoria North Water Works Development Agency is committed to contributing to the Vision 2030 by proactively soliciting for finance and involving private actors in water and sanitation service provision and ensuring efficient and effective management of resources placed at its disposal.

Quality Policy Statement

Lake Victoria North Water Works Development Agency is committed to creating value that is sustainable by ensuring the provision of adequate, quality and affordable water and sanitation services that in turn promotes socio-economic progress in our area of jurisdiction.

The Agency shall do this by:

  1. Establishing quality objectives at the beginning of every financial year based on the corporate strategic plan which shall be monitored and reviewed periodically.
  2. Establishing water and sanitation infrastructural development, maintenance and management.
  3. Seeking to understand and exceed the needs and requirements of customers and interested parties.
  4. Ensuring all activities of the Board are aligned to statutory and regulatory requirements and strategic plan.
  5. Continually measuring, analyzing and evaluating the effectiveness and efficiency of quality management system for continual improvement.
Environmental Policy Statement

Lake Victoria North Water Works Development Agency is committed to managing environmental impacts associated with its activities in water and sanitation infrastructure development, maintenance and management. It is our policy to assure environmental sustainability of our processes and activities at all times.
The Agency is committed to:
1. Comply with the requirements of all applicable environmental laws and regulations;
2. Implement proactive environmental programs designed to protect the environment, prevent or mitigate activities that pose a threat to it;
3. Prevent pollution and minimize generation of waste;
4. Promote public participation and communicate our commitment to responsible environmental management by promoting environmental responsibility among our stakeholders;
5. Provide necessary training and support to enable implementation of this policy;
6. Continually improve its environmental management system.

Geographical Coverage

Lake Victoria North Water Works Development Agency (LVNWWDA) serves six counties in the Western and part of North Rift regions of Kenya with an estimated population of about 6.5 million people.

The Counties include:

  1.  Kakamega County
  2. Bungoma County
  3. Vihiga County
  4. Busia County
  5. Trans-Nzoia County
  6. Nandi County
Core Business of The Agency

The specific functions of the Lake Victoria North Water Works Development Agency as per the Water Act 2016 are —

  1. Undertake the development, maintenance and management of the national public water works within its area of jurisdiction;
  2. Operate the waterworks and provide water services as a water service provider, until such a time as responsibility for the operation and management of the waterworks are handed over to a county government, joint committee, authority of county governments or water services provider within whose area of jurisdiction or supply the waterworks is located;
  3. Provide reserve capacity for purposes of providing water services where pursuant to section 103, the Regulatory Board orders the transfer of water services functions from a defaulting water services provider to another licensee;
  4. Provide technical services and capacity building to such county governments and water services providers within its area as may be requested; and
  5.  Provide to the Cabinet Secretary technical support in the discharge of his or her functions under the Constitution and this Act.
Water Service Providers

The Mandate of the Agency is to undertake the development, maintenance and
management of the public water works within its area of jurisdiction which comprises six (6) counties of Bungoma, Kakamega, Vihiga, Busia, Trans – Nzoia and Nandi. The WSPs licensed by WASREB for direct provision of water and sanitation services within this areas of coverage;

  1. Nzoia Water Services Company; serving the towns of Kitale, Chwele, Webuye, Kimilili and Bungoma towns.
  2. Kakamega County Water & Sanitation Company; serving the towns of
    Kakamega, Lumakanda, Khayega, Mumias & Butere towns.
  3. Amatsi Water Services Company; serving Luanda, Majengo, Chavakali, Kaimosi, Maseno and Mbale towns.
  4. Kapsabet – Nandi Water & Sanitation Company; serving Kapsabet and Nandi hills towns.
  5. Busia Water & Sanitation Company; serving Busia, Nambale, Amukura, Amagoro and Malaba towns.
  6. Tachasis Water & Sanitation Company; a private water service provider in
    Tinderet Sub County, Nandi County. Serving Kamelil, Kapsoen, Ngátipkong, Kaplamaywo, Tachasis, Kipyaor, Chepkemel & Kipsiwo towns
  7. Kakamega County Rural Water & Sanitation Company; serving rural areas within the 12 Sub – Counties in Kakamega County.

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