Celebration of ISO Re- Certification.

LVNWWDA culminated the customer service week on 7th October by celebrating ISO- recertification: ISO 14001:2015(EMS) and ISO 9001:2015(QMS). The event held within the agency’s premises from 9a.m to 1p.m was graced by the Ag.CEO Eng. Samson Peter Gongi, Managers, junior staff and support staff.

The Agency’s ISO management Representative Ms Sarah Amisi delivered the ISO Recertification certificate to the CEO Eng. Samson Peter Gongi, Chief Manager Technical Services Eng. George Odedeh and Corporation Secretary Elizabeth Ngala as a show of our commitment to Excellent customer service and our values.

“I want to tell you where this I is strong for, this I is a big enemy, let us guard against the I. When the I is very strong, it can also be very negative. Let us look at what is the strength in the other person that we can tap on, ” the CEO said in his remarks.

Additionally, in his speech he noted what the agency seeks to achieve from being ISO recertified, i.e., ccontinuous improvement in all processes, improved corporate image, Improved commitment, responsibility and trust of our staff, customers and stakeholders, enhanced quality services, Improved customer satisfaction, improved resource efficiency, increased investment opportunities, improved overall environmental impact and meeting legal obligations.

LVNWWDA Ag.CEO Eng. Samson Peter Gongi addressing staff during the ISO celebrations.

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