Health Talk By Equity Afia.

“Good health is good business.” Health is the state of complete physical, mental and social well being. Great health is vital factor in excellent workplace productivity. Rising statistics of health matters calls for need for more action e.g., health awareness trainings and programmes, implementing Occupational health regulations, offering satisfactory health covers, clean and safe work environment and by having an organization culture that promotes all aspects of health in employees’ lives.

Good general body health starts from good oral health. In relation to this, on 11/11/2022, a team from Equity Afia -Kakamega Branch visited LVNWWDA for a sensitization session on Health, with key focus on Oral Health. The team of 3 consisted of an administrator- Dr.Constant Oduya, Dentist- Dr.Songoni and a physician- Dr. Reagan Odhiambo.

The keynote speaker- Dr. Songoni covered areas pertaining to oral health i.e., Importance of oral health, Prevalence of diseases, dental terminologies, causes of dental diseases, symptoms and the preventive measures. Dr. Odhiambo elaborated on the services they offer e.g., Dental and gynaecology. Additionally, Dr. Oduya touched on physical health, nutrition, HIV/AIDS and lifestyle diseases.

The team also addressed any questions/ concerns brought forward by the staff. After the session, staff were offered free medical check-ups (within the agency’s premises.)

Good Oral and general body health go hand in hand. The benefits of healthy employees to an organization include Increased productivity, reduced absenteeism, reduced healthcare costs, increased work satisfaction etc. With these, employees are able to achieve their personal targets and consequentially, enable LVNWWDA to achieve its’ mission and vision.

Staff at the agency’s lower board during the health talk by Equity Afia.

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