Kapcherop Kapsowar Water Supply Project

The project involved construction of a treatment works with a capacity of 1200m3 per day enough to supply Kipkaren trading center and the adjoining areas including Lumakanda.

In addition, project also included Public VIP latrines and Water kiosks in order to expand coverage area of the project and benefit more and more people. Kapcherop Town was previously served by a surface water supply system with its source from Chepkaitit River.

The old Water Supply was constructed in 1991 and rehabilitated in 2001 under the El-Nino Emergency Works Programme. Kapsowar Town on the other hand had its supply from a surface water supply system constructed in 1975, and rehabilitated in 2001, also under the El-Nino Emergency Programme. The new Water Supply Scheme was designed to meet the demand for water in the two towns to the year 2025.

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