Lake Victoria North Water Works Development Agency (Lvnwwda) Performance Contract Evaluation

The Ministry of Water Sanitation and Irrigation Chief Administrative Secretary, Dr. Andrew Tuimur, chaired the Performance Contract Evaluation exercise at Lake Victoria North Water Works Development Agency (LVNWWDA) on 11th November, 2021.

In his introductory remarks the CAS emphasized the need for total quality management where team work is embraced to enable achievement of the set objectives.

Performance Contracting is part of the broader public sector reforms aimed at improving efficiency and effectiveness in the management of public service.

CAS noted that, LVNWWDA had a weighted score of 3.3066 (Good category) in the PC evaluation of FY 2019/20 and was ranked no.11 out of 15 among the Water Sector Institutions.

Dr. Tuimur said he is optimistic that LVNWWDA will endeavor to achieve the excellent category in the FY 2021/22.

Mr. Robert Ngei, Director, Public Service Performance Management and Monitoring Unit, who was the main evaluator reiterated that the evaluation will be scored based on the evidences provided by the management team. He called upon the Agency to continually undertake self-evaluation to enhance performance improvement

He also applauded the presence of CAS, saying that this indicates the commitment the management has towards Performance Contracting.

In attendance were: Board Chairman represented by Hon.Manyala Keya, Ag. CEO, Eng. Peter Ngongi, among other management staff.

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