Nakayonjo Water Supply project

The project involved augmentation of the existing old treatment works to increase the production capacity by 2,200m3/d from the current 2,800 to 5,000m3/d. In addition, there was augmentation of the previously existing reinforced Concrete Chamber on the Intake on River Kuiywa and Rehabilitation of a 3.6 km Raw Water Gravity Main Pipe.

The works included construction of a 1000m3 reinforced concrete treated water tank and distribution pipes of approximately 23,000 meters in length. In addition, fire hydrants which are important for arresting fire accidents were installed at strategic locations in the distribution system.

Nakayonjo Water Supply project targeted to serve approximately 150,000 people in Nakayonjo area of Bungoma Central district, Bungoma County through individual connections, in addition to five water kiosks constructed along the distribution line to reach those who would not be able to access the water through individual connections.

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