Sensitization on Citizen Service Delivery Charters

Citizen Service Delivery Charters are public agreements between citizens and the organisation that give a systematic approach to meeting the expectations and standards in the realm of service delivery. They outline the rights and responsibilities of customers and the procedure to follow if an organization does not meet the set standards. Additionally, CSDC seeks to empower citizens in relation to the public service delivery, build relationship between citizens and public officers and to ensure a responsive and citizen friendly governance.

To acquire ample knowledge and expertise on effective execution of CSDC, on 19/10/2022 LVNWWDA staff were sensitized on matters sservice Delivery Charters and Service Delivery Processes in each Department and Sections. The exercise was facilitated by Dr. Lucy Mandillah, PHD from Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology.

She focused on the challenges facing execution of service charters, ways to strengthen service charters, their importance, i.e., how they enhance accountability of the public service providers, eensure professional and responsive environment, Increase organization performance and effectiveness through public commitment and ddecreases the opportunity for corruption

Moreover, Dr. Mandillah touched on Business Process Reengineering where she emphasized on the importance of redesigning processes to reduce the steps and actors to ensure timely service delivery by embracing Technology to enhance quick and efficient Service Delivery. The Agency is focused in re-engineering Transport and Records Management Section Processes in this Financial Year.

Dr. Mandillah sensitizing LVNWWDA staff on Citizen Service Delivery Charters at the agency’s board room

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