Site Handover For Tinderet Technical And Vocational Center Spring Community Water Project

To undertake development of water and sanitation Infrastructure projects within its areas of jurisdiction on behalf of the National Government is Lake Victoria North Water Works Development Agency’s mandate. To implement this, the agency is undertaking various projects in its areas of coverage. Among these is Tinderet Technical and Vocational Center Spring Community Water Project, in Tinderet constituency, Nandi County: which is one of the six counties constituting LVNWWDA geographical coverage. On 7/7/2022, LVNWWDA staff from LVNWWDA led by Acting Manager Infrastructure Planning and Design, Khaemba Nyongesa, visited the project site to oversee the site handover exercise.
The scope of the project entails: Fabrication, supply and installation of a signboard, Protection of 2 No. springs, fencing of the spring area, Landscaping of the spring area. Supply and installation of 50m3 SBS tank, Supply and installation of chlorine Dozer, fencing around the tank site, Construction of 2No. Communal water points at Sigoria primary school and Tinderet TVC, Construction of 2no. Soak away pits, Supplying and laying of 1.7km long pipeline of HDPE pipeline, Supplying and placing of maji marker posts, Construction of Valve chambers and Branding of structures. The project, once completed will benefit 697 people: 646 students, 36 teachers and 15 non-staff members.
The Institutions B.O.M Chairman; in his speech, expressed his gratitude to the agency for implementing this project. Furthermore, he requested the contractor to consider timeliness so that the project is completed for when the trainees resume classes after the holiday break. The principal also reported how the available water source; a borehole, has a very low yield and doesn’t meet the daily water demand for the institution since it is shared with part of the community. Moreover, he emphasized on how beneficial the project will be in solving the issue of water crisis in the institution.
The community representative Mr. Koros assured the contractor and the agency of the community’s cooperation in realizing project completion. In addition, the area MP representative- Mr. Kiprop also guaranteed the contractor and the agency of his support in ensuring the projection is a success. Furthermore, he implored the community to support the contractor by according him any assistance needed. One of the community members requested the agency to extend water provision services to the nearby primary school and the entire community. The project will be completed in 6 months, upon which, the contactor is required to issue the agency a completion certificate.

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