Tree Planting As Csr In Water Sector

Written by the Corporate Affairs Department- LVNWWDA

Water sector institutions participated in a ministerial tree planting exercise in Lambwe Forest- Homabay County from 4 th to 8 th April and Mwache Water Catchment Area- Kwale County from 8th to 11th April 2022 respectively. The exercise was in line with presidential directive vide circular Ref No. OP/ CAB/ 26/ 1.3 A regarding the inclusion of tree planting in Corporate Social Responsibility by water institutions. Besides Lake Victoria North Water Works Development Agency, other institutions that participated in the tree planting exercise included; Water Trust Fund, National Water Harvesting and Storage Authority, Coast Water Works Development Agency, Water Resources Authority and a representative from the office of the Cabinet Secretary, Mr. Ondieki. Each institution supported the initiative by donating seedlings, funding the cost of preparing the holes and field clearing. “It is important not only to plant trees but also care for them until maturity,” said Mr. Ondieki. He emphasized on the need for all institutions to participate and support such initiatives whenever they’re called upon in a bid to achieve the10% forest cover by 2022. Lake Victoria North Water Works Development Agency donated a total of 3000 seedlings during the exercise

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